people standing inside city building
people standing inside city building

3D Printing, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Digital Design.

At BlackRoom Digital, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results, unique, innovative solutions and best in class support. With our focus on 3D printing, laser cutting, laser engraving, and digital design, we help bring your ideas to life with precision and creativity ....One Layer at a Time.

3D Printing

Ready-made or made to order. Employing the latest technology Bambu Labs P1P printer and design software we are able provide quality 3D Printed items as well as digital print files for those who own their own printer.

Laser Engraving

We provide numerous laser cutting and engraving solutions, along with templates, jigs, and cut files for your own laser. With a multitude of different designs and materials to choose from, your options are almost endless.

Digital Design

Using the latest parametric 3D modelling and design software we can create all manner of digital design and prototype solutions for your home or business.

....One Layer at a Time BlackRoom Digital